Friday, June 21, 2013

Operation HAMS

When a teenager, you strive to find the best way to spend your summer vacation. Being a teen myself, I know how this feels. But more importantly, I have the best team to execute the mission I call Operation HAMS. (Have a Miraculous Summer)

Introducing my HAMS squad. From left to right, Chelsie, Melisa, (yes, with only one s) Josh and Amanda.

Now, you understand, that being young teenagers puts us on a very short leash of adventure. None of us can (legally) drive yet. But, lucky for us, a very convenient source of transportation was installed. (I call it destiny, but people are entitled to their own opinion)
A twain, a twain, a twain! The very essence of convenience in my opinion. It can take you anywhere! (Besides Ogden, Provo, Wonderland etc.) But you see my point. It lengthens our leash tremendousely!
As you can see, it makes us quite happy(:

At one of the train stops, we witnessed some modern Art! ......Ahem..*cough*...Awkard. But that was nothing compared to the clothing we saw. Check it out. A garden on a dress.
Oh, I failed to mention where we ventured. We went to City Creek, and one of the things that we do there is find the ugliest clothes and then look at how much they cost. Check out the cost of this one!
My squad and I agree that the expectations the manikin's set for people are set way, way high. Seriously, they're a tough act to follow.

Ha.. we didn't even try with this one..

What better way to end your adventure then to visit the temple?(: I hired a pretty boss squad. Thanks so much team! Mission accomplished!(:


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm back!(:

Lately I have been looking at other people's blogs and wondering why I quit on mine. So, seeing as I haven't posted for quite some time, it's time to begin again! So, expect more from me, because I'm filled with new stories and ideas and can't wait to share them!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011


Miss Imagine had a birthday recently. She got one interesting gift.....may I introduce..... Mr. Nottingham! Who comes from the prestigious college of Haaaarvard University. (You have to say it in a British accent)

Eh? Pretty cool, right?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Twinkle time!

Check out this fearless girl!

I can't get enough of it! You go girl!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


This is what happens when we're stuck in the car for 14 hours with some stickers, and a four year old..but luckily, we finally got.............................. HERE! Isn't it pretty? Welcome to Loon Lake! This is our awesome lake house we were able to stay at for our trip. Along with our lovely towels drying on the railing!

We were quite comfortable in our sleeping quarters. We were able to wake up to a wonderful breakfast being prepared for us! Thank you Aunty!

Our everyday schedual. Wake up.

Put on your swimmin' suit.

Eat breakfast. Go swimmin.

Come back in when your hungry.

Eat a snack.

Go back out and swim.

And so on untill the day was done.

And every morning, we would go outside, and the lake would always be like this. It was still nice and misty outside, and because of the plants that grew there, it smelled minty and fresh. Ahh:)

So many pretty things grow because it's always so wet here.

It's so wet, that moss grows from almost every tree! I thought that looked really cool!

On our last day, we got to go boating! My brother Unicorn and I got to be the first people on the tubes! It was so much fun!

In fact, when we got comfortable enough on the tubes, we got another tube out there, along with my cousin Amber and her best friend Rachel, and started jumping from tube to tube!!

Unfortunately, I failed my first try. Good thing the water was warm.

Sooner or later, we were able to get my mother on one as well. She actually started jumping too. Except, she did a lot better then me:) Eventually we were all tired and ready to go back home.

It was an awesome vacation!


Monday, May 2, 2011

I loooove the park!!

Me and my little sister pickles went to the park a couple of days ago. It has a huge field a little forest. Its the best place to come in the summer time. So many dandeions grow here. But they look really cool when they're all togethor like this.

You can't help but put a few in your hair:)

Here's one of my favorite parts. This is the secret passage way to the end.........

THE BIG TREE!! In the summer time, it grows white leaves. It makes the tree look beautiful!

I absolutley love coming here!!!